Planning Your Wedding on a Budget

So this is a new thing for me, and I am excited. I am constantly being asked pricing by brides on a budget, and told how much they love my work but in the end I lose some of them because they are on a budget and they simply cannot afford my services within their budget parameters. I understand that. Completely. I don’t blame them at all, but that also means I can’t lower my prices in order to keep them, as much as I would like to. BUT, while thinking about it recently I thought brides and grooms will spend a lot of money on other things they may not need for their weddings, or they overpay for something simply because they didn’t know or realize they have other options. Like favors. Favors are obscenely overpriced in many situations, and yet they are still an integral part of any wedding. Wedding cake is also one of those things that people spend too much on. Jewelry, the dress, venue, the list goes on and on.

That’s what this new weekly post is going to be about. I am going to scour the web, look on blogs, use my brides as inspiration, every day life as inspiration, and my natural deal finding inner alert system to bring my planning brides unique and fun wedding ideas on a budget.

I’ve always dreamt of being a wedding planner. At one point, I even considered going to school for it and opening up my own business. Maybe someday I will. But, in the meantime, this gives me a creative outlet, and hopefully helps you save a few hundred dollars so you can AFFORD to hire me. Yes, I will admit part of this is a selfish reason, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. More than that though, I want you to be able to afford the photographer of your dreams, whether that is me or not, so in 10 years you can look back and remember your day and you can pass those memories on to your children. Because photographs are SO important! And not just any photographs. Photographs you love, and that show the love you have for one another on the first documented day of your lives together.

This first blog post is going to be about WEDDING FAVORS. I have tons of my own ideas, but I also ran across a bunch of really cool ones on the interwebs from bloggers, event planning pros, etc. I also plan in the future to have a guest blogger, in the form of a local planning pro! How exciting is that?! So get ready for some fun, beautiful wedding planning ladies.

#1. I love this idea so much! So much that I might use it for my own wedding someday, and so much that I strongly considered not sharing it, and being selfish. Boo to that, right? So here it is…INDIVIDUAL POTTED PLANTS. Yeah, how cool is that? Not only will they make great, inexpensive favors that everyone will really want…but they will double as reception decor! Saving a bundle on floral arrangements, etc. You can grow these on your own, call them your little love plants, and you can do a variety of different colors, plants, etc.

I found both of these adorable containers at Wedding Star, (click on the name to go to theirsite) The planter is $1.47 each, and the pails are $.77 each! I’m not saying you can’t find a cheaper vessel, but these are pretty good prices. Especially since dirt, seeds, labels, and ribbon will also be a nominal fee. Once you pay for all  that you’ll be around $2 per favor. NOT BAD.

2. This one I am on the fence over, but I really love it. Some of you may not, that’s ok. But what about a donation to a cause close to your heart in the names of your wedding guests? Then you simply leave a small linen card at each place setting stating “Thank you so much for enjoying our day with us. In lieu of a favor, we’ve made a donation on your behalf to: ……” Personally, if I went to a wedding and saw that, my heart would melt into a puddle. I think it’s sweet.

3.  The next idea, I found at Emmaline Bride (again click on the name to take you there). If you’re both coffee lovers, how about buying some coffee beans wholesale and giving coffee beans as favors. If you have a relative who is good at sewing, I am sure they’d be happy to sew a bunch of little sacks as your wedding gift. And from me to you, a little slogan…”Thank you for staying with us until the wee hours to celebrate our special day.” They’ll need that coffee in the morning in order to harangue the kiddos all day!

4. This last idea, I really love and it would be easy, breezy. No stressing over this one. It also plays triple duty. It can be used as a favor, place card, AND decor at the wedding. Fruits or Veggies. Use them in a color that goes with your scheme and you’re good. I particularly like the ideas of apples since I love them, but you can use whatever. Or you can mix them, that’s the beauty of it. It’s also healthy.

And that’s it for today! A few great ideas for favors that will save your budget! We’ll revisit this after a later date, but I don’t want to share all my ideas at once or I won’t have anything to blog about next week. So what do you think of these ideas? Could any of them be the star at your wedding? And, do you have any cost savings tips that I can share with my readers at a later date?

I am so excited about this. It really gets my juices flowing and I hope you love it. Tune in next week, we’ll be talking about DRESSES!

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