Budget Wedding Planning: The Dress

Jenny Packham, flowy chiffon, romantic wedding dress

I am so excited about this week’s installment of Budget Wedding Planning here on VPD! I mean, I’m a girl…I love dresses, and of course I have been dreaming of my wedding day just like all of you every since I can remember and of course part of that is the dress. Looking at all of these beautiful dresses for this post is making me anxious. There are so many perfect wedding dresses out there that I can just see myself in so easily! Hopefully you can see yourself in some of these! I scoured the web, and came up with several different dresses, none of them over $1000 and many of them less than $600. That’s what I call a steal of the century!

Besides scouring the web for a dress, consider the non-traditional dress for your wedding. Borrow one, rent one, or wear your mothers. Shop the discounted racks at the bridal stores, you never know what you will find in there! Check Bridal boards, Craigslist, newspapers, and even sometimes you can find something amazing at Second hand shops & Consignment stores like Savers and Goodwill. Be creative! You never know where you’ll find the dress of your dreams!

This first dress, I found while browsing Nordstrom’s website. The dress is by Adrianna Papell, I’ve owned a few dresses by this brand and loved them all. They’re always very well made, flattering, gorgeous, and girly detailing. This one is no exception. With fabulous rosettes throughout the gown and sweet beading under the bust, I don’t even care that there is no train on this dress. Add to the fact that it’s $299 with an additional 10% off at Macy’s right now and you’re golden. This is where I should probably mention that the dress on Nordstrom only has sizes 6, 10, and 14 left while Macy’s has pretty much all sizes still available. If you can make Nordstrom’s available sizes work it is $278, but I am sure if you  provide the style number on Nordstrom’s website, Macy’s will price match for you.

rosette wedding dress with waist bead detail

(Source: Nordstrom, Macy’s)

The Nordstrom picture gives this dress so much justice and all the reviews state that it is a lot prettier than pictured. My suggestion if you want a train and are a petite girl or have some room to hem when you try it on? Find a talented tailor who can bring up just the front and blend the two so you have a small chapel-style train. It can be done!  Either way, this dress is gorgeous and would be perfect for a casual spring or summer wedding, or destination wedding. It’s by far my favorite dress of the bunch, but I want to know what your favorites are!

This next one is nice and simple, for a bride who doesn’t want much fuss and is conservative or classic. The lines on it are simply stunning and the satin construction makes me drool. This Eliza J dress also doesn’t have a train but I think the previous suggestion would work for it as well. It comes in at the insanely inexpensive budget bridal price of $122.85! AND it has an additional 10% off right now through Macy’s.  Sizes 4-14 are currently available in this pristine white beauty.

(Source: Macy’s)

Gorgeous, right? The back also has feminine button detailing, and I just love the detail on the sleeves along with the cowl. Gorgeous dress.

I love J. Crew! J. Crew is one of the sources that get a lot of my money. Especially when they have 30%  off sale Sales. I love their rich colors, and soft materials. I own so many of their plain cotton tees, probably in every single color known to man. Again, one of those brands that you just know the clothing is quality and it’s going to last you. Quality is important to me. I’m not big into the buy a $5 shirt and cheap store wear it once and it’s no big deal when it comes out of the washer 2 sizes to small and with a nice hole that wasn’t there before. Nope, I want to have my clothes around a little longer than that, so places like J. Crew are where I head for quality I can count on. Now, this dress is a little more modern, a lot more sleek and rings in at a cool $450. Nice.

(Source: J. Crew Sararose Wedding Gown)

And it has a train! A lot of times when you budget shop for a dress, you might miss out on a train. Not with this lovely number. No sacrifice on style either, this baby is loaded with style. Love it!

This Dalia MacPhee dress captures the ruffles and close fitting dress trend perfectly. It’s so romantic, comes with a train, has a beautiful and feminine sweetheart neckline, and when I saw the price tag ($298!!!) my breath caught. All THAT for under $300? This can’t be really happening! Is this real life? With 44 almost 5 star reviews, I’m thinking it is!

(Source: Nordstrom, Dalia MacPhee)

I’m addicted to ruffles, and sweetheart necklines so when I saw this my breath caught a little. This dress would photograph so beautifully and the ruching would be incredibly slimming if you’re worried about that. A gorgeous dress, and no one will ever know it cost so little!

Another dress with a train (can you tell it was pretty much a pre-requisite?) It was! Travis likes to pick on me and tell me I am a Wedding Dress Nazi! Well, I guess to a certain extent I am. I photograph weddings and I love beautiful things and I am a woman…3 pre-requisites to being a Wedding Dress Nazi. Guess I fit the bill!  But really & truly, finding beautiful and unique dresses with a train was difficult, I am not even going to lie! I looked high and low and was so surprised. BUT, I really only checked a couple stores, so this really shows you what a little digging can do! If you have particularly resourceful family members, ask them for help. This is possible! You just might have to be a little creative. But you have me too, so shoot me a message any time and I will be glad to help! Anyway…back to dresses…keep it on track ladies! This dress is from Tadashi, it’s Lace & Chiffon, and it has such a gorgeous 30’s Vintage vibe to it. Make sure you check out the back too! Your guests will be mesmerized equally from both the front and back. So many women forget about the back of the dress, but that needs to be pretty and interesting too! Your photographer will be photographing you from behind, and so many people will be looking at your from behind during your entire ceremony.

(Source: Nordstrom, Tadashi Shoji Lace & Chiffon Gown)

Siren. yep. This one comes in on the higher end of our budget at  $548 and with only a 6 & 10 available you’ll have to act fast. This dress would also be great for a destination wedding.

This last dress is not traditional, but with so many bridal dress designers going the route of adding a touch of color in their dresses I wanted to include something that encapsulates on that trend. This is slightly more than a hint of color and would definitely be for the more non-traditional bride. At $198 though, and with a ton of colors to choose from, you really can’t go wrong. Again, Adrianna Papell shows how romantic and beautiful her dresses are with this gorgeous gown.

(Source: Nordstrom, Adrianna Papell Chiffon Gown)

112 5 star reviews tell me that this dress is a romantic hit with everyone. Take a peek !

So that’s it for this week, thanks so much for joining me. I sincerely appreciate it! Add me to your RSS feed, message me with questions, comments, suggestions, etc. I would absolutely love to hear from you. I’ve also been considering making this installment a twice a week thing instead of once a week. If this would be something you’re interested in, give me some feedback. If I don’t get any, I think I will just keep it at one a week for now until I see that people are getting some use out of this. I hope you liked it, I have been spending a lot of time looking around the web for blog fodder and discounted dresses, along with budget wedding ideas. It’s so amazing to see what you can find, and to realize that a beautiful wedding doesn’t need to be insanely expensive.  Thanks so much you guys for helping me see! I’ll be sharing again soon, until then take care and happy wedding planning!

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