Budget Wedding Planning: Incorporating Fruits & Vegetables

As a person who enjoys trying to find ways to save, there are many different ways to be creative and save money in the process, creating beauty all around you while on a dime. One of the ideas I think is very cool, and one I know I will be using when I get married, is fruits and vegetables. It is, without a doubt, one of the most inexpensive ways to incorporate color and texture into your wedding day. They can be used as place cards, favors, centerpieces, wedding day decor and reception decor, the list and options go on & on.

As I write this, I can envision the gorgeous deep purple of eggplant and the warm orange of pumpkins, the reds and greens of apples, reds, greens, and purples of grapes, the colors are all incredibly gorgeous and unique.

Pumpkins are by far one of my favorites, probably because ever since I could remember I always envisioned myself getting married in October. Pumpkins have so many different ways they can be used, and the size options are never ending. Glitter, paint, lace, cutting holes and circles, etc.


(Source: Skip To My Lou)

As mentioned earlier, apples are also a fantastic way to incorporate inexpensive fruits and vegetables into your wedding day. Whether they are serving as place cards, favors, or centerpieces. Buying local, and making sure you’re buying in season will save you the most. Apples in Wisconsin come into season in fall and many of our local orchards will sell in bulk at fantastic prices. I particularly love the idea of apple topiaries as wedding centerpieces. So gorgeous and classy, and easy to assemble. Ehow.com has a lot of great ideas for edible topiaries, just head to their site and type it into their search tab to find instructions.

Using Fruits & Vegetables ad Centerpieces

(Source: Ehow.com)

Another way to incorporate fruits and vegetables, is to use them as candle holders and centerpiece ideas. The idea of arranging green beans around votives is intriguing to me, and I find artichokes to be one of the most beautiful vegetables I have ever seen. I think once you look at this next photo found at Chic Wedding Candles, you’ll agree!

Unique Centerpiece Ideas

(Source: Chic Wedding Candles)

Back to artichokes, they can also double as bouquet add-ins. This helps minimize the cost of bouquets because artichokes are so substantial, and also extends the life of your bouquet since artichokes have a much longer shelf life than flowers do. Not to mention, it looks so chic and unique. You’re pretty much guaranteed you won’t see this one used very often.

Unique Wedding Bouquet Ideas

(Source: Ashley Maxwell Photo)

Gorgeous, huh?

This next one is absolutely gorgeous, but I would imagine it would require quite a bit of work. However, if you’re hiring a wedding planner or you have particularly crafty individuals in your wedding party, or you are creative, I think that hanging fruits and vegetables in clusters would create  fantastic visual interest and really wow your guests. They’ll be wondering the whole time, how the heck did you do that? These clusters happen to be tomatoes, but you could easily replace them with pretty much anything else. I’m visualizing lemons. Bright, cheery, beautiful.

Using tomatoes for wedding

(Source: Edible Crafts)

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