Budget Wedding Planning: Doing it Yourself

I am an avid do-it-yourself-er. I love looking at something I’ve created and knowing that I have done it all by myself. In fact, a few weeks ago, I decided to do a DIY Spanish Lace candle jar with red rosettes which would be perfect for wedding centerpiece decor. You can find detailed instructions & pictures at the source link below.

DIY Wedding Centerpiece Instructions, step-by-step

(Source: Sin & Soul Blog)

A few of these on your tables will definitely lend a theme and the great thing about them is you can use whatever lace you want, colors, fabric, etc.

This next DIY project can be either favors, place cards, or centerpieces. Plant terrariums are so wonderful, cute, and fun, on top of being something that not everyone will see or do at a wedding. There are so many different options with this as well, and once again a way to pull double duty which I love. There is nothing better than finding wedding ideas that can be used for multiple uses.

Alternative Ideas for Place Cards, double as favors

(Source: Crooked Stove Top)

While I love the idea of doing a wedding cake DIY-style, too often the cake ends up lumpy and misshapen, and just generally not the greatest to look at. I’m a firm believer in leaving it to an expert if it doesn’t look gorgeous. However, this idea is perfect for do-it-yourself-er’s, and it could be inexpensive if you know someone, or a group of people who could give or lend you some canning jars. If you purchase, or given the jars, the convenience in these is they can double as favors and your guests can take them home with them to enjoy their cake at their leisure. I know personally, when attending a wedding I am usually way too full to enjoy a piece of cake even though I want to. This is an easy fix…you can have your cake and eat it too.

Mason Jar Cake with Lace Ribbon & Spoon

(Source: One Stylish Bride)

These next two are great for wedding reception decor, and are relatively easy to do. They would also make great projects to do with your bridesmaids and family. I love paper flowers, I think they’re so pretty and I can envision a ceiling of paper flowers at a wedding reception, suspended in the air by clear fishing line, it would create such a gorgeous and unique atmosphere for your guests, and just imagine the photos!.

This first one gives 7 different ways to make paper flowers, and each one of them are unique and beautiful. I found this handy idea at Curbly, a great reference point for wonderful ideas galore!

Beautiful DIY paper flowers, wedding (Source: Curbly)

The next one, keeps that theme and could equally be hung from the ceiling, used as centerpieces, could be a flower girls pomander, the list goes on and on. These have so much potential. Tissue rosette balls, and truly the only expense you have is the tissue and your time. The site gives a couple different ways to roll the rosettes so you could create a unique look throughout your reception area. The Idea Room is also another fantastic source for ideas and DIY activities. You’ll definitely enjoy it!

DIY creative ideas with tissue

(Source: The Idea Room)

As usual, this is just the beginning of many DIY posts here on VPD. There are so many options and so many creative people out there. Again, I am extending the invitation to you to ask any questions you may need, make suggestions for future posts, or requests on specific DIY activities. I hope you enjoyed the post and pulled something from it! Today, we will have 2 new Budget Wedding Planning posts since last week I had some publishing issues. Make sure you check them both out!

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