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Wisconsin Barn Wedding

Near Chetek, WI, there is a haven of romantic beauty just ripe for the picking. It’s called the Enchanted Barn and it’s fast becoming one of the go-to destination for all romantic brides who want a rustic vibe to their weddings. The Enchanted Barn gives you just that, when you walk into the barn it’s like coming into an entirely different world, the romance and beauty that this single place exudes is one you cannot deny. I was so lucky to shoot a bridal shoot here this past weekend with a gorgeous bride and an equally gorgeous dress. Holly’s entire look could not have been more perfect for this location. About a 45 minute drive from Eau Claire, The Enchanted Barn can be a little difficult to find, but through some research I have found that you can be shuttled into the location from Menomonie, a nearby city. The Enchanted Barn also happens to be very near the cities as well, a center point for all of the larger surrounding cities.

Chetek, WI Wedding Photographer

The lower portion of the barn serves as a ceremony site, area where the bride can prepare for her big day, the bar, and additional seating later in the day. Complete with white twinkle lights and a baby’s breath ball in the ceiling, it is the hub of romance for any wedding. The backside of the wall even opens up to create a glorious amount of light for any photographer. Upstairs, is the reception area, featuring a table for the bride & groom, an area for your djay, and hundreds of little votive candles floating in the ceiling just waiting to be lit to add beauty and ambiance. The barn opens up to a beautiful country setting, and a ramp for any guests who need easy access. The barn is complete with horses roaming the back of the property, a private swing overlooking the entire barn and party, all while creating a setting the bride & groom can easily sneak away for a private moment. This barn, really & truly, is a dream come true for any bride. With it’s own beauty and ambiance there isn’t much to be done in the way of decorating, making The Enchanted Barn the perfect place for the budget bride.

I truly enjoyed every moment of our session with Holly there. Holly is bubbly, happy, full of excitement and laughter, and I am so excited to share with you all. I could have shared the entire session, as it was I had a very difficult time narrowing it down to the 16 I have to share with you. Even then, I’m wondering if I truly picked the very best. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for following my work.

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