About Me

Bobbie Sue PortraitHi! I’m Bobbie Sue, a born & raised Wisconsin native, residing in beautiful Eau Claire, WI. After travelling a good portion of the U.S. and spending extensive time in some of the country’s most beautiful cities, Eau Claire still remains the home of my heart. When not passionately documenting the memories of countless beautiful and fun strangers, I love spending time with my family. Travis & I have two boxer dogs, Kane & Atlas, who are my children. I talk to them, kiss them, carry them around the house (YES!) and they even sleep in my bed. They are my babies and one of the most important pieces of my life puzzle.

I love spending time outdoors, near water, and the mountains have always called to me. Someday, I’d love to own a cabin near Thompson Falls, Montana or Silver Plume, Colorado. The quote, “The mountains are calling, and I must go,” is one of my all time faves.

I LOVE FOOD. I am a foodie to the core. I am constantly trying recipes I’ve had at restaurants in my own kitchen. I’m sure I drive my friends and family crazy with my Instagram food photos. My all time favorite foods include cheese (Hello, Wisconsin!), mashed potatoes (with cheese or gravy, too), waffles…those little cubes were made for pools of Wisconsin maple syrup swirled with real butter, blueberries, peanut butter, and ice cream – particularly cherry since I spent many childhood evenings parked on my grandpa’s lap with a big bowl of it. And, after a long day, a Hendrick’s gin and tonic with a tangerine slice.